Guaranteed quality!

On the safe side

Secured pre-financing from Asia Exports Development Ltd. import your goods EASY and RISK-FREE. You only pay when the defect-free goods have been successfully delivered to you.

Transparent processes

Risk-free and professional

Independently verified by

Supplier Audit

We check the technical and organizational performance of your suppliers in our factory audits and help you to choose the right supplier.

initial sample inspection

Have your initial samples fully inspected prior to manufacturing to prevent production errors and ensure that agreements are met.

Quality control before start of production

A quality control before the start of production ensures that all materials and components correspond to the previously released samples.

production monitoring

We are on site for you during the production process and check the processes and quality and make adjustments if necessary.

Quality control of the end products

After production, we carry out thorough acceptance tests. This ensures that the product corresponds to the samples.

shipping control

In order to ensure smooth and safe transport, we monitor the shipping process right through to container loading.

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