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Product research

Just send us your product requirements. We will coordinate the specifications and framework conditions with our production partners and agree on binding delivery dates. Our quality management is already active at this point and decides according to specified criteria whether the necessary prerequisites for successful cooperation are met. After the research and a positive check, we will contact you directly and coordinate the further procedure.

Logistics & customs

Delivery reliability is an important argument for long-term cooperation. When your goods are ready for dispatch, we will organize the transport for you.
Whether with container loading or air freight, we guarantee the optimal transport route. We take over the delivery tracking for you, so that we also keep an eye on the punctual delivery.


You only pay after you have received and checked the goods. Hong Kong Exim Ltd. has been trading successfully from Asia to Europe for over 30 years. Our business model is based on a long-term and trusting cooperation with our customers. Partnering with us is risk-free because you only pay after you've inspected the goods at destination.
We grant you a payment term of 90 days!

Product protection

With strong partners in the field of patent law and design protection, we can ensure that your products are protected in accordance with all guidelines. Among other things, we work with a Chinese law firm that focuses on patents.

Our Workflow

90 days value dateYou only pay after you have received and checked the goods.


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